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My Book Review of Storm Rising by Kenneth Hoss

June 27, 2016

Storm Rising by Kenneth Hoss – Book Review by Anjannette Conner for Readers’ Favorite – 4 Stars

When a notorious drug kingpin appears to be on the verge of getting away with yet another murder in New York City, NYPD homicide detective Kelli Storm refuses to sit back and watch it happen without a fight. Along with her new partner, she launches an investigation that leads to the shootout death of the daughter of the infamous drug lord her father tried to take down more than 20 years ago before his own brutal murder. Ordered by the DEA to drop the case, she soon gets a taste of the drug cartel’s retribution when her Alzheimer’s-stricken mother disappears from her nursing home. From the streets of New York to the desert outside El Paso, Texas, Kelli Storm and her ex-husband, Kevin, face down deadly obstacles to unmask the man behind the cartel and make him pay for his crimes.

In Storm Rising by Kenneth Hoss, Kelli Storm tackles some extremely difficult challenges, both personally and professionally, but she refuses to accept defeat. She deals with personal tragedy and her mother’s worsening Alzheimer’s symptoms by focusing on putting away the bad guys, and she isn’t afraid to break a rule or two along the way to do it. This enjoyable and entertaining story has plenty of twists and turns for readers who enjoy a fast pace, and it even offers the beginning of a rekindled love story as Kelli works closely with her ex-husband to save her mom and bring down a drug lord. This is the first book in a series, and I’m definitely looking forward to finding out where the future books take Kelli Storm.

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